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Copenhagen, Denmark - Trip Report and Vlog

2017. május 04., csütörtök 18:46

Why would anyone leave Scotland in the winter, only to travel to an even colder country?Well, £25 each way flights and

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Milan, Italy - Trip Report

2017. április 27., csütörtök 19:30

I arrived in Milan around 8am after a long overnight flight from Hong Kong. Having had the luxury of a comfortable

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My £10,315 First Class Cathay Pacific Flight (that cost me £30).

2017. március 08., szerda 13:52

Four years ago I got into the hobby of collecting airline miles. I previously hadn't even bothered to sign up for any

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Hong Kong - Trip Report

2017. február 09., csütörtök 14:15

After a week of eating everything in Osaka, I travelled to Hong Kong with the intention of doing plenty of hiking to

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Osaka - Trip Report

2016. december 19., hétfő 15:17

The wonderful thing about travel is the experience of something different than what you're used to. And for a European

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Living in Thailand - 2016 Update

2016. október 27., csütörtök 23:50

Two years ago I published a blog about living in Thailand. Since then I’ve written lots about my travels overseas to

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Yangon, Myanmar - Trip Report.

2016. augusztus 30., kedd 14:51

Since I don’t want to get a job, go to school or marry a Thai girl, I’m still living in Thailand by means of

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Manila - Trip Report

2016. április 05., kedd 17:53

After another three months in Thailand my visa expired, meaning it was travel time. After living in Thailand for the

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Vietnam - Trip Report

2016. január 12., kedd 13:45

I had previously visited Vietnam in 2011 but missed out on a lot as I'd only spent time in and around Ho Chi Minh City.

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Taiwan - Trip Report

2015. december 22., kedd 20:52

Taiwan was one of the few countries in Asia that I hadn't yet visited.Needing to leave Thailand briefly for visa

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Istanbul Food Tour

2015. november 23., hétfő 22:32

When I flew from Thailand to Ireland this Easter to play in the Irish Open I broke up the journey with a stopover in

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Irish Open (Dublin) - Trip Report

2015. május 21., csütörtök 22:18

From Bangkok, Thailand to Dublin, Ireland. I made that long journey to play in this year's Paddy Power Irish Open and

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Returning to live poker at the Irish Open

2015. március 23., hétfő 22:20

It's been 9 months since I played my last live poker event. I lost a coinflip on day 2 of the UKIPT Marbella main event

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The Maldives - Trip Report

2015. március 16., hétfő 14:48

This trip report from my visit to The Maldives in December will be rather different to most other Maldives trip reports

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Penang, Malaysia - Trip Report

2015. március 11., szerda 17:01

As every foreigner who stays in Thailand for a while knows, you have to get your foreign ass out of the country every

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Chiang Mai, Thailand - Trip Report

2014. december 18., csütörtök 15:35

After my poker trip to Marbella I returned home to Bangkok with far fewer commitments and much more free time.I used

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10 Tips: Crushing Multi-Table SNGs

2014. szeptember 08., hétfő 17:41

WPT Magazine asked me to write an article with 10 tips for playing MTT SNGs. It was published in this month's magazine

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UKIPT Marbella - Trip Report

2014. szeptember 06., szombat 10:42

Marbella is a coastal resort in the massive tourist trap of the Costa del Sol in the south of Spain.Beaches, hotels,

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Living in Thailand

2014. szeptember 02., kedd 23:58

In March I moved back to Bangkok - the city that I previously called home.I had originally settled in Thailand in early

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Hong Kong - Trip Report

2014. szeptember 02., kedd 23:57

After a week of fun in Korea I flew back to Thailand, but not before stopping by Hong Kong on the way. My plan was to

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Happy Days

2014. augusztus 28., csütörtök 22:12

As August came to an end it started to get very cold and miserable again in Scotland. That'll be the winter setting in,

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Bounty on my Head

2014. augusztus 28., csütörtök 22:06

I have a bounty on my head, and it's worth $100. So come get it this Sunday in the Red Spade Open.Where:

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FPP Millionaire

2014. augusztus 28., csütörtök 22:05

It seems that I've been accumulating FPPs (Frequent Player Points) on PokerStars faster than I can spend them, as I now

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Helsinki, Finland - Trip Report

2014. augusztus 27., szerda 22:13

I was sitting at my laptop looking to book a flight ticket from Bangkok to Marbella to play in the UKIPT. The best I

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Malta Trip Report

2014. augusztus 25., hétfő 09:53

After my trip to the Bahamas in January I was back in Scotland for all of two weeks before I had enough of that crap and

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