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2016 Update

2017. március 14., kedd 17:53

Towards the end of last year me and my wife were deciding whether to cash out our chips and stick with 2 children or

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Volume fail, TV & taking a shot

2016. július 20., szerda 17:37

After more than 3 weeks off since my daughter was born, I've started to wean my way back into playing on-line. I'm

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Aussie Millions & general update...

2015. december 02., szerda 19:10

Right off the bat in 2014 I had some rather odd fortune. I played a feeder satellite into a satellite that looked like

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New look, and yes I'm still alive!

2015. december 02., szerda 19:09

It's been rather a long time since I posted on the blog, almost 18 months, and in truth I haven't really been active for

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2013 in review...

2014. január 01., szerda 14:47

Professionally, I'm really not sure how to feel about 2013. I could certainly consider it to be a successful year; it

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2012 in review...

2013. december 31., kedd 19:19

2012 turned out to be a really good year. It was my most profitable year as a poker professional. I also managed to

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1 millllllion VPPs & My biggest ever downswing

2013. november 29., péntek 01:37

Last week I passed the one million mark of VPPs earned since I began playing on PokerStars. Although there is no

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Monte Carlo

2013. november 28., csütörtök 21:42

I have yet to blog about my 3rd place finish in the Dusk Till Dawn Monte Carlo tournament in April for £45k, which is

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Overdue (but brief!) update...

2013. március 26., kedd 11:43

I'm very aware that it's been a long time since I've posted, but I'm managing to finally update when I'm really short on

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2011 in review...

2013. január 04., péntek 11:40

2011 was a very good year for me all in all. In poker, I had my most profitable year so far, and in my personal life I

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October Review & New Column

2012. november 02., péntek 19:59

Well October pretty much sucked donkey balls. One of the annoying things about poker is that variance and effort do not

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A bit of a sweat...

2012. október 08., hétfő 13:54

I went for a sort of multiple meaning title for this blog post. I've currently got a bit of a sweat trying to get voted

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Couch to 5k

2012. szeptember 13., csütörtök 16:50

My apologies for such a large gap in updating my blog. I had temporarily lost motivation in that area. Fortunately

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2012. augusztus 07., kedd 10:16

I have temporarily had to cease from engaging in warpokerfare at the tables as I have buggered up my right arm.

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Half a million hits?!!

2012. július 18., szerda 19:04

Now seems like as good a time as any to post an update, as I've surpassed the rather impressive milestone of having

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Winning the Sunday Supersonic...

2012. június 22., péntek 22:01

My apologies for the gap since I last updated my blog, I was just concentrating on playing for a

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SNG Superstars 2012 (Part 2 - STTs)

2012. május 19., szombat 16:33

Welcome to Part 2 of my look at how the top 5 SNG players stack up for the first four months of 2012 in a variety of

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SNG Superstars 2012 (Part 1 - HUSNGs)

2012. május 19., szombat 16:33

Approximately at this time last year I did a blog post looking at how the Sharkscope leaderboards shaped up for each

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SNG Superstars 2012 (Part 3 - MTTSNGs)

2012. május 18., péntek 22:08

Here is Part 3 of my look at how the top 5 SNG players stack up for the first four months of 2012 in a variety of

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Sickest Sunday ever?! (stpauli111 wins 4 tournaments)

2012. április 30., hétfő 17:35

Scott Hall, better known as 'stpauli111', played 32 MTTs on PokerStars yesterday. He won four of them:The $215 Sunday

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The positive side of variance!

2012. április 29., vasárnap 16:11

Variance is a funny thing. I went through 4 or 5 months of what seemed like continuous pain with no sign of reprieve.

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2+2 Hacked - Advice...

2012. április 27., péntek 12:14

I realise this is my second blog post that isn't really a blog post, and probably isn't giving you any new

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PokerStars to purchase Full Tilt Poker?!

2012. április 25., szerda 14:08

A thread was posted earlier today (at 11.45am) on 2+2 was posted which states:"PokerStars has reached an agreement

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Team Online?

2012. április 19., csütörtök 13:12

Not a whole lot has occurred since my last update. I did play a couple of live donkaments, including the £1

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Week 4 review - "Confidence Boost"

2012. április 03., kedd 18:59

January 22nd - 28thI only put in a low volume week this week in SNGs, which was a result of me dabbling in the TCOOP,

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