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Fasten your seatbelts, teh ruler's back! #manilaments

2017. november 14., kedd 12:47

Sup boys and girls, guess who's back?!After more than 2 years i decided to keep this precious blog alive - i hope all

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Big one! time to finish teh year strong

2015. szeptember 05., szombat 19:11

Sup folks,wanted to update abit earlier but got a bit siq for 2 days that i wasn't motivated to do much than lying

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Smart investing for pokerplayers and expats

2015. augusztus 09., vasárnap 09:19

Sup guys,you probably werent expecting to hear from me so soon after last post but this one isn't about poker it's about

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July at teh office

2015. augusztus 02., vasárnap 15:53

Another month another update.Fairly on time which says that things overall seem to have been allright.Overall pretty

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Lasik trip report #justdoit

2015. július 17., péntek 02:50

Sup folks?!This time no poker at all. Since a decent amount of people seemed to be interested in the stuff regarding my

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upswong june and YTD update #hardworkalwayspays

2015. július 03., péntek 06:07

Sup foo's!Blog post on time this time so most of you frequent readers prolly already realize it was rather decent

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Everything sorted, back to work

2015. június 10., szerda 05:12

Bit belated since its already 10th of june but better late than never so here comes the may update.We start of with

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Arrived in Vienna, downswong finally over?!ap

2015. május 04., hétfő 17:51

Long time no update so here we go.The frequent followers prolly oreddi know what happend but yeah, pretty much had one

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feb recap #illtakeit

2015. március 01., vasárnap 12:17

sup folks?!since i've given teh big news in teh previous poast (for which i received moar love than expected) this one

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future plans /no pokerz inside this one

2015. február 18., szerda 15:55

Sups guys?Teh avid readers will realize that poast comes a bit early but it's 6pm here in Thailand barely any game

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2015 kickoff - back to massgrindaments

2015. február 02., hétfő 12:18

Welcome back to my infamous blog my dear avid readers one month into teh year 2015!Before we go into teh pokerz we start

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Neverending downswong, decembru update #thankgoditsova

2014. december 29., hétfő 03:14

Final updataments of teh year and teh title pretty much speaks for itself. Will be poker only tis time so if this isnt

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Big in Japan #tokyoupdate #forgotjakarta

2014. december 28., vasárnap 15:49

hello again, might be a bit longer than usual, might be not, we'll see. might also be a bit unstructured bc i'm still

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It's been a while - september and october recap, tl;dr

2014. október 29., szerda 08:36

Sup guys,alot of people asked me where teh fucking update is and well, here it is. I know i know, one month late but

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Back to Bangkok - #augustaments

2014. szeptember 01., hétfő 14:54

This update gonna be on time for once :)First off not too much happend this month overall but let's begin with poker. I

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2014. július 29., kedd 22:05

Month not really over but since i'm not playing any crazy volume teh last days and since i'm at my parents atm having

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How to get teh CHEAPEST airfares for business and first class - WORLDWIDE!

2014. július 16., szerda 14:39

Hi there,update a bit earlier than expected but this is not a real update but moar like a promotional post on my

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Don't cry for me Argentina...

2014. július 14., hétfő 19:33

Alot of people asking me where teh fucking update is and since i'm a bit hungover after teh game yday i figured it's

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Back on Track!

2014. június 02., hétfő 07:05

May is history so time to update teh precious blog.Was a pretty decent month compared to the previous ones with a

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Epic AIDS run at teh office continues

2014. május 02., péntek 12:34

Allrighty,really didn't felt like updating but since i wanted to do monthly updates at least here we go.As you can guess

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Arrived in teh city of angels

2014. április 10., csütörtök 15:39

Kinda bored and waiting for food so i figured i might write a short update which mostly caters to teh people who are

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Teh TimStone charity in full force

2014. április 01., kedd 11:17

It's been a time since my last losing month so one could say this was overdue. In teh past wasn't really blogging about

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Boring aka healthy february

2014. március 01., szombat 12:09

Month started with me being alone with teh staff on our 3000m² property because teh other guys went to teh Aussie

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Going strong

2014. február 01., szombat 12:03

Quite long time since my last poast and already a couple of people asking where teh new one is and why it takes so long.

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2013 recap

2013. december 25., szerda 18:56

My (poker)year 2013 comes to an end with 1 or 2 sessions left tonight.In a couple of hours i'm going to take a plan to

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