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March Poker Results – not that kind

2017. április 04., kedd 02:02

PartyGaming, 888, and Amaya all released their results in the last month. I took a look out of curiosity – more so

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David Colclough

2016. október 19., szerda 17:09

Back in 2004 when I first starting playing poker, I played on a site called Bet365. David Colclough had a column for the

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November Results

2015. december 02., szerda 01:39

I took great enjoyment in playing the UKIPT in Edinburgh in November. I was so eager to get out of the house that I even

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October Results

2015. november 02., hétfő 04:43

October ended up being a bit bittersweet. On the one hand I had a great month and ran above expectation – however

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September Results

2015. október 01., csütörtök 02:11

Being WCOOP there is somewhat an obligation as an online poker player to get away a shit ton of volume and grind your

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August Results

2015. szeptember 01., kedd 03:59

August is always a particularly busy month in Edinburgh. There is the month long festival and it compromises my

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July Results

2015. július 31., péntek 10:47

July was my first full month playing full time since ~2013. I took it upon myself to stream my sessions live on

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The ICM Paradox

2015. július 24., péntek 17:11

For my sins I’ve been playing lots of tournament poker lately. I’ve have a varying amount of success: I won

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2015. május 15., péntek 05:05

I’ve mostly been busying myself with seeing how many gin and tonics I can drink in a night and odd-balling around

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Something Strange Happened

2015. február 02., hétfő 19:22

Rarely do crazy things happen to me. I actively crave stability and consistency. You know, hence choosing one of the

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2014. november 21., péntek 16:01

At the start of October I headed down to London to compete in the EPT. I’ve played it once or twice before in

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RE: RE: Should I Give Now or Give Later?

2014. október 30., csütörtök 01:30

The good folk at REG Charity took the time to write a rebuttal to my earlier post on donating to charities. I have to

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This, that, everything in between.

2014. szeptember 04., csütörtök 21:02

I typically get a five to six month reminder that I haven’t blogged across a multitude of platforms that

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Effective Giving

2014. augusztus 30., szombat 16:45

I got inspired by Raising for Effective Giving to think about charitable donations. I don’t give a lot to charity

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The Gift and the Curse – Nominated for Best Blogger and a Rare Posting

2014. február 13., csütörtök 14:55

Appallingly this is the longest time I’ve been without a post since the inception of my blog in 2005. Like a late

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Life and Times: RYA Level 2 & Sailing Around the Forth Bridge

2013. október 26., szombat 21:21

Old chum James Keys came up to visit me in sunny Scotland to complete our RYA level 3 course down at Port Edgar sailing

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A wee cash in the SPS

2013. szeptember 03., kedd 18:02

At the end of July I attended the Scottish Poker Series. I’d been taking a bit of a hiatus after a gruelling

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SGP: SuperGroup

2013. augusztus 16., péntek 18:05

It’s been a turbulent week in the markets with Wednesday and Thursday giving me big drops mostly due to the US

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My strategy and where to start

2013. augusztus 01., csütörtök 22:33

I should preface this section by stating that I am by no means a professional and that any advice I dole out should be

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Post-Vegas aftermath, time for a break

2013. július 21., vasárnap 09:53

I admit I’ve been slacking off since my last post. Mostly I’ve been keeping myself busy playing poker.

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I have signed for Ivey Poker!

2013. június 18., kedd 12:05

I am delighted to announced that I have signed for Ivey Poker! When the site launches you will see me tearing up the

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Australia wrap up, Qantas first class, another trophy

2013. április 25., csütörtök 20:11

I had a rather traumatic bust out, the second of my Australian trip. At the ANZPT Perth event I direct bubbled the

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2013. március 13., szerda 04:37

In my downtime from poker the last week or two I’ve more or less spent the entire time playing the new SimCity.

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Maintaining an even keel

2013. február 23., szombat 12:33

I’ve been sailing a fair bit recently. The Aussie Millions culminated in me getting 3rd in the $500c turbo [1]

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