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my rant!

2013. március 14., csütörtök 23:28

I've been offshore for two weeks and just got home, didn't really play much at all when I was out there as I didn't have

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Hate blogs fwiw

2013. február 17., vasárnap 20:53

Somtimes I like to blog, and sometimes i HATE to blog, and lately I hate to blog. I try to make myself habits, it's just

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Pretty much closing the month.

2013. január 26., szombat 22:28

I'm closing down the month for real, I've been offshore for 11 days and I will be heading home in a couple of days. I

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Going to work again....

2013. január 14., hétfő 18:13

I'm just gonna call it a month pretty much, I'm going to play a little bit while I'm out there, if I find the connection

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Fuck xmas, new year is coming up!

2012. december 23., vasárnap 19:39

I'm going to type a little bit about next year, what my plans are and so on. I'm kinda satisfied with my year, and at

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Time to recap the year!

2012. december 20., csütörtök 18:08

This year I haven't played much at at all, i started off being lazy which is not unusual for me, but anyhow I somehow

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Going to have some fun!

2012. december 04., kedd 19:01

I have played some hypers lately, and I have gotten coaching from two players who are really good in these games,

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Let's call it a month!

2012. november 26., hétfő 17:08

Tomorrow it's exactly 3 weeks since I got home from offshore, which means I'm going offshore again in a week, bummer :(

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A milestone for me, shit for others!

2012. november 18., vasárnap 20:37

Finallly i've made over 100K in poker pre rakeback, I know it should not be a really big deal, but for me

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Midways recap!

2012. november 14., szerda 01:49

We are halways through this month, and christmas is just around the corner, guess it's really not that close to

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Plans for my upcoming "free period"

2012. november 03., szombat 23:22

I've been offshore for almost two weeks and I'm getting home 6th of november. It has been a lot of hard work, atm I feel

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When september ends.

2012. október 27., szombat 15:11

We went to paris and venice in the beginning of september, visiting disneyland where i took a shit ton of

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Offshore poker

2012. október 27., szombat 09:47

I'm offshore atm, got here 23rd of september and I'm going to try to play a small amount of games when I have time. I'm

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Closing the month.

2012. október 18., csütörtök 04:45

Im going offshore 23rd of october and therefore I'm going to close down the month for now. It can obvious happen that I

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This is unreal!

2012. október 13., szombat 06:53

The moment i posted my previous blogpost i started to run shit, it was like stars just decided to read my blog and saw I

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Want a computer pretty bad now.

2012. október 09., kedd 17:36

I've been playing a ton lately and I really consider buying myself a new desktop for various reasons. My grindstation

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Little update!

2012. október 06., szombat 20:00

I started the month off pretty terrible, I have played a bunch which is about 100 games a day on average. I tilted bad

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Time to blog a little bit?

2012. július 26., csütörtök 09:29

Legg til bildetekstI have finally moved into a new apartment in the city center, 200-500 meters from all the clubs so

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Been a long time!

2012. május 03., csütörtök 18:27

YoI've been away from the tables for a while now, I went to Ayia Napa to do some partying and get some sun,

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Been foreeeeeeeever!

2012. május 02., szerda 12:14

It has been a pretty long time since i posted anything on my blog, and some might wonder why, if i still have any

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Closing down november!

2012. május 02., szerda 12:12

November has come to an end, and this month i've been acting like an alcoholic. Going out 3-4 times a week on average is

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Stop bitching right now!

2012. május 02., szerda 12:07

I was talking to a friend today, how variance can sometimes fuck with your mind, he is a medium/highstakes player and im

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Epic comeback!

2012. március 26., hétfő 22:42

Hello epic comeback, how are you doing? I know this sound really fucking stupid, and i feel pretty lame typing this on

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What a month!

2011. december 11., vasárnap 12:29

This month has been the worst month in my entire life when it comes to poker, i'm swinging like a champ! At least i have

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