July, Poker out, Party in

2012. július 17., kedd 19:28
Done with playing poker for the month, quick update of how it went
July Done
I am done with poker for July, will be doing some coaching sessions but won't play myself the rest of the month. My two best friends are flying in tomorrow and my brother is joining on Saturday, so things will probably get out of hand a little. These two weeks and the one week recovery after are basically my vacation, that I am taking off from poker and just going to relax and enjoy the greatness that is Maltese summer with my loved ones.
I was planning on playing a lot before they get here, but all the parties that happened along the road stopped me from it, so I played a laughable 20k hands in 42 hours of poker... Also didn't play much high stakes this month, because first of all they were not really running, second of all I wanted to be truly free of worries, so decided to stick to my bread and butter and the softer MSNL stakes this month.
Had some pretty good action headsup from some regulars this month, so I actually was enjoying playing poker for the first time in a very long time. It being my work becomes really a factory job of clicking buttons, so if I can get good HU action it brings back the excitement :)
Finished with a 25,9bb/100 winrate, about which I am very happy obviously. This month I played 2,5k hands of NL200 also, which was 2 sessions basically, just to see how those games look. I can still say that they are incredibly soft and juicy, so poker will last at least till the end of the year if no craziness happens
I'm ok with how the month went, could have been better, could have been worse. Glad to have my time off finally. :)
Next post will be a party summary from this upcoming time
Till then, best of luck at the tables


  • bakyka2012. július 17., kedd 21:11

    Nice graf!

    Magasabb limiteken az a standard, hogy a piros vonal van az egekben a kék meg a 0-hoz konvergál vagy ez csak nálad van így?

  • Holdenper2012. július 17., kedd 22:53

    gondolom a HU miatt emelkedik a nonSD ennyire. Jó pihenést, utána meg GL

  • bigacsiga2012. július 17., kedd 23:33

    1444 HU handet jatszottam csak. NL25-tol kezdve mindig pozitiv volt a piros vonalam, MSNL+ a kek viszont nem no annyira

  • peraspera2012. július 18., szerda 02:53

    nice non showdown

  • kohagyma2012. július 18., szerda 09:48

    Szép grafikon! Nagyon szép! Elfogadnám! :-)

    A kék meg gondolom azért nem nő annyira, mert finoman szólva agresszíven kell játszani az ilyen piros vonalhoz. Néha meg megadják, a mutatásnál meg kiderül...

  • Tazar19812012. július 18., szerda 10:28

    "poker will last at least till the end of the year" would you be kind enough to elaborate on that one?! (or were you just being sarcastic?) Anyway enjoy the summer with your buds and family and take it easy on the drinks ( sensing some sarcasm there:p )

  • Cream2012. július 19., csütörtök 20:12

    I cant belive this graf. How can u do that?! vnh

  • Cream2012. július 19., csütörtök 20:25

    Nekem a piros néha emelkedik néha csökken nagyon nulla körül mozog. A kék az meg emelkedik. Azon gondolkozok, hogy tudnék a tiedhez hasonlógrafot elérni?

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