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Téma: The Well - Michael Weisbrod aka Mrw8419

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    PA addict
    2009. 06. 12.



    My main games are MTTSNGs but im looking for a new kind of game to learn. In your opinion what games worth the time investement, considering long term profit?


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    2012. 10. 09.


    Hey abdul

    Idézet Abdul87HU eredeti hozzászólása Hozzászólás megtekintése
    1) Do you play live in Budapest?
    I haven't yet, lots of logistical issues with getting/having a bunch of forints to play equivalent stakes to what I play online(2/4-5/10)

    2) Have you visited other places of Hungary already? If not, are you planning? (e.g. Debrecen
    Just Budapest and to Sziofolk to visit Balaton a couple times. Leaving at the end of the month, but when I return in spring I want to visit some of the other cities. Any recommendations

    3) Who's gonna win the final bracelet in WSOP ME?
    Will be rooting for Andras Koraknai to bring home the bracelet.

    4) Who will be the president in US?
    Obama, Romney is a terrible choice for America right now and would set the country and economy back. Too conservative ethically and economically will only protect the rich.
    In last questions, what's your opinion ofc.


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    2012. 10. 09.


    Hey Theo

    Idézet theobell eredeti hozzászólása Hozzászólás megtekintése

    Have you been to other hungarian cities? Which ones? Which one was your favourite?

    answered above

    Why did you choose PLO for your main game?

    I was previously a 6m NL player, went on a 6 week holiday and when I came back decided I was going to learn and play 6m plo. Did that for 2-3 months before giving hu a try. I really liked the game and started winning right away so I stuck with it.

    Do you have any financial plan? I mean do you have investments or share in an enterprise? Or do you leave all of your extra money in your bankroll?

    As of now I just keep it all in my bankroll, but I now have plans to start moving money outside of poker.

    Do you really think that the public transport is good at Budapest? (You said that in the interview) I am not a big world traveller, I have only been to several european cities but i think the public transport here is awful compared to other countries.

    It works well for what I use it for which is just central budapest transit. Compared to the states and buenos aires the public transport is much better.

    Anyway its good to hear that you like Budapest, enjoy your time and good luck at the tables!

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    Akadémia bölcse titcar avatara
    2008. 03. 06.
    a monitor előtt



    most hands played in a day?

    most vpps earned / day?

    most big blinds won from the same player all time?

    any friends in the states who speaks any other language than english (1st generation immigrants excluded)?
    jó lapokkal emelnék, rosszakat eldobnám

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    Őstag Lev729 avatara
    2008. 06. 06.


    Do you know who "Dánfiú" is?
    "Nem lehet mindig szerencséd. Okos lehetsz minden nap."

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    2012. 10. 09.


    Hey zsipali

    Idézet Zsipali eredeti hozzászólása Hozzászólás megtekintése

    1) Who are the top5 midstakes plo HU reg nowadays in your mind?

    Hard to say theres very little reg vs reg action

    2) Biggest pot in BB, sickest call, sickest bluff? (with hand history obv )

    Poker Hand History #6475215- Pokerhand.org

    This one won't convert for some reason

    Game # 2707180934 - Omaha High Pot Limit EUR 3/6 - Table "Langeberg"

    Players(max 2):
    HERO (EUR 5,125.00 in seat 1)
    HappyPig (EUR 4,799.25 in seat 2)

    Dealer: HappyPig
    Big Blind: HERO (6.00)
    Small Blind: HappyPig (3.00)

    HERO was dealt: Th - 3d - Qc - Ad

    HappyPig Raise (15.00)
    HERO Raise (48.00)
    HappyPig Raise (144.00)
    HERO Call (108.00)

    Flop 2s - 4d - 5s

    HERO Check
    HappyPig Bet (184.00)
    HERO Call (184.00)

    Turn 2s - 4d - 5s - Jd

    HERO Check
    HappyPig Bet (486.00)
    HERO Raise (1,611.00)
    HappyPig Call (1,125.00)

    River 2s - 4d - 5s - Jd - 4h

    HERO All-In (3,168.00)
    HappyPig All-In (2,842.25)
    HERO Payback (325.75)

    HERO shows: Th - 3d - Qc - Ad (a straight, Five high)
    HappyPig shows: 7h - 8s - 6c - 3h (a straight, Six high)

    HappyPig wins: EUR 9,597.75 (with a straight, Six high)
    Rake: EUR 0.75

    Game ended 2012-08-25 21:34:29 CEST

    as for bluffs, sometimes it works for less than a minraise
    Poker hand played on Microgaming with a pot size of $849 - Pokerhand.org

    sometimes it never works
    Poker hand played on Entraction with a pot size of €3,467 - Pokerhand.org

    3) How do you improve your game? Do you watch PLO videos? If yes who you think the best coach?
    In the beginning lots of Galfond vids over at bluefirepoker. Nowadays hh review with friends and analysis using odds oracle from propokertools

    4) Is Britney Spears sexy or not?
    Old school Britney for sure, new crazy Britney not too sure

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    2012. 10. 09.


    Hey holdenper

    Idézet Holdenper eredeti hozzászólása Hozzászólás megtekintése
    Hi, and thanks for the opportunity!

    - Don't you affraid of burning out? How do you keep yourself motivated to play poker?

    Always, I take plenty of trips and try to keep poker compartmentalized so that it doesn't take up every thought of the day.

    - How do you learn PLO HU cg? Started with PLO and transition to HU, or started with NLHE HU and then go for PLO? Watching vids, coaching, reading books, talking with friends, or just plain simple experience helped the most your learning process?

    Started with NL 6m, switched to plo 6m, then to HUPLO. Lots of Galfond vids, lots of study, and a bit of natural talent for picking up the game.

    - Did you try hungarian liquor: pálinka?

    I have, ugh that was a long night

    - Two american blogger/2p2er became "famous" between hungarian players (because somebody translate their blogs): Miika "Chuck Bass" Anttonen, and Tony "Bond18" Dunst. What do you think about them? Do you familiar with their blogs?

    A little familiar, remember more of Bond18 when he was a regular 2+2er. I think its great for online guys to make way into the live arena to provide insight. As for chuck bass he fits the role of crazy finn quite well.

    Thanks and GL

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    Fáradhatatlan grinder bakyka avatara
    2009. 04. 01.


    Hey! Thanks for doing this well.

    Whats your favourite film/music/band?

    Is there anything you use to get yourself motivated in poker?

    Where there any point(s) in your carrier when you considered to give up poker?

    What would you do if you wont play poker?
    Be the shover not the caller!

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    2012. 10. 09.


    Hey naggeri

    Idézet naggeri eredeti hozzászólása Hozzászólás megtekintése
    Welcome to Budapest!

    -What do you think how much BB/100 is reasonible for a good PLO HU reg on

    I'd say the games are beatable up to 15BB/100 or so, depending on game selection and tilt control

    -Do you use stop loss during a HU match?

    I don't have a strict stop loss, just depends on my mood, opponent, etc. Some people I'll quit after losing 2bi, others I'll quit after losing 15.

    -You are in 150BB deep and you called a 3bet with xxxx.
    Flop is 9s9h7h.

    Whats your plan on this flop against a
    a)Good lag reg, b)weak BE reg, c)nit fish, d)aggro fish,

    1. Hand you have is an A high FD (eg.: Ah6hJd2d)
    A. call
    B. call
    C. call
    D. call
    2. Hand you have is a Jc10d9c6d
    A. 70% raise 30% call
    B. 60% raise 40% call
    C. 85% raise 15% call
    D. 40% raise 60% call
    3. Hand you have is a QQ44 without fd
    A. call
    B. call
    C. call
    D. call
    4. Hand you have is 7s6d5s3h
    A. 30% raise 70% fold
    B. 40% raise 60% fold
    C. 30% raise 70% fold
    D. fold

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    2012. 10. 09.


    Hey Krono

    Idézet Krono eredeti hozzászólása Hozzászólás megtekintése

    My main games are MTTSNGs but im looking for a new kind of game to learn. In your opinion what games worth the time investement, considering long term profit?

    Depends on your long term goals, but I'm a strong advocate of learning cash games.

    Reading this scared me away from being an mtt pro Life as an Online MTT Pro by the Numbers (It’s Hard) | NoahSD's Awesome Poker Blog

    As for sng's I've never professionally played them so I don't know what type of earnings are available, but with cash games the sky is the limit. Just evaluate what your BR is, how much you can earn per hour with that BR at SNG's then compare that to people with similar BR's at other games and see if the switch is worth it.


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